How to setup Pronterface (Printrun) for 3D printing

This is a quick example on how to setup Pronterface (Printrun) for 3D printing. The printer is a DIY Prusa i3 style printer with 30cm x 30cm x 30cm printing envelop (see below photo).

Below are the parameters that I use for printing PETG.

Below are the gcodes for the 5 buttons in the bottom of the photo above:

Extend Z Probe: M280 P0 S95
Retract Z Probe: M280 P0 S20
ABL Home: G28
ABL Probe: G29
Fan 50% Speed: M106 S127

- ABL stands for Automatic Bed Leveling;
- To use ABL, first click on "ABL Home" to move the print head to the Home position. After that, click on "ABL Probe" to activate the automatic bed leveling process. After the bed is probed, click on "Print" to start the printing process;
- IMPORTANT: after the bed is probed with "ABL Probe", DO NOT issue any command that moves the bed or the print head; otherwise it will invalid the bed leveling parameters and you will have to execute "ABL Home" and "ABL Probe" again to re-acquire the parameters.

The photo below shows the parameters relevant to printer setting.

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