Using eagleUp to export Eagle PCB to Sketchup

This post contains a quick summary of how to export board design done by Eagle PCB to Sketchup using eagleUp and tips on solving the followign problems that I encountered during the process.

1. Where to put the eagleUp\ sub folder.
2. How to use eagleUp;
3. How to import the exported 3D board model in Sketchup.


Follow the instruction at https://eagleup.wordpress.com/installation-and-setup/ to download and install the required files.

Be sure to enable "Install legacy utilities (e.g. convert).

[Resolved] convert.exe missing from 7.0.1-Q16? 

Running eagleUp

Launch Eagle PCB, load the demo file, then click on RUN ULP. In the pop up window, locate and select "eagleUp_export.ulp" then click Open.


The first time "eagleUp_export.ulp" is executed, a configuration window like below will appear. Be sure to point the folders / files to the right location.

The general setting window can be brought up by left click on the "Edit general settings" when launching "eagleUp_export.ulp".

Importing the board 3D model to Sketchup

Note, the exported 3D board file is stored in the eagleUp folder under the folder where the *.brd file is stored.

To import the 3D model of the PCB board, go to Plugins -> Import eagleUp.

Then, navigate to the folder where the 3D model (*.eup) is located.

Be sure to enable Ruby console before executing "Import eagleUp" under Plugins. This could help spot error. See http://developer.sketchup.com/en/content/ruby-sketchup on how to enable Ruby console.

For instance, I couldn't figure out why Sketchup fails to import the "demo3d.eup" file. After seeing the error message, I realized that it's caused by the file being on C drive and special privilege is required to access it.

The location of "demo3d.eup" is under C:\Program Files (x86)\EAGLE-6.6.0\demo files\eagleUp.

By copy the directory and its contents to D drive (where special privilege is not required), Sketchup is able to import and display demo3d.eup without problem.


Welcome to eagleUp

Download and installation of eagleUp

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