Working with switching regulator - LM2596

This is a quick summary of how to work with LM2596 and how to reduce its ripple.

Original Schematic

Source: http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/lm2596.pdf

Output (based on the original schematic)

Updated Schematic (with the optional ripple filter)

Source: http://www.hobbyelectronics.net/review_dctodcmodule.html

Output (based on the updated schematic)

Note, For the circuit that I use, the values for the optional output ripple filter are L2 = 33uH, C1 = 100uF, 35V.

Below is the waveform of a cheap LM2596 module that supports adjustable output.

The above waveform is taken from the module below.


Review of DC to DC buck converter based on LM2596

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