Working with switching regulator - LM2596

This is a quick summary of how to work with LM2596 and how to reduce its ripple.

Original Schematic

Source: http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/lm2596.pdf

Output (based on the original schematic)

Updated Schematic (with the optional ripple filter)

Source: http://www.hobbyelectronics.net/review_dctodcmodule.html

Output (based on the updated schematic)

Note, For the circuit that I use, the values for the optional output ripple filter are L2 = 33uH, C1 = 100uF, 35V.

Below is the waveform of a cheap LM2596 module that supports adjustable output.

The above waveform is taken from the module below.

For 3.3V or 12V output, refer to the table below to change the components used.

Output Voltage                  3.3V                            12V
     LM2596                  LM2596-3.3              LM2596-12
         Cin                           330uF                          180uF
          L1                           33uH                            68uH


Review of DC to DC buck converter based on LM2596

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